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For Our Next Generations

In October 2017,
ZENKIGEN Inc. was founded under the vision of “contributing to the creation of a society through technology where people and companies can fully embody themselves”.

The term Zenkigen is a Zen Buddhism’s word, to the best and beyond one’s ability.

Given that I live to the best and beyond my ability more than anyone,
I strongly believe that a society where every one of us is living to the best of their ability is vibrant.
And it would be more beautiful when children grows up looking up to adult who is living his best and beyond his ability.

We want to pass on such a society to the next generation.

For Our Next Generations
This is our founding spirit.

Although the power of one company is insignificant,
it is still our vision to “contribute to the creation of a society through technology where people and companies can fully embody themselves” by leading by example.
We will make every effort to make this possible.

Co-Founder & CEO Hibiki Nozawa
Co-Founder & CEO
Hibiki Nozawa
Joined Intelligence Co., Ltd. (currently Persol Career) as a new graduate.
1999 Joined a cyber agent with fewer than 10 employees during the founding period. Contributed to the rapid growth of the company, including the listing of Mothers as the Osaka office, the president's office and business manager.
. Received the President's Award for the highest individual award and the CAJJ Award for the highest organization award. As the person in charge of the business, the operating profit in the shortest period at that time exceeded 100 million yen.
While participating in Softbank Academia as a first-year student, Mr. Masayoshi Son joined the company's president's office.
Established SB Power Co., Ltd., a power business, and started a power retail business as a sales manager to start up the business.
Engaged as a business manager from conception to sales of Japan's first forest donation-type “Nature Denki” for individuals with full liberalization of electricity.
October 2017
Founded ZENKIGEN. Inc
Co-Founder Takahiro Mizuno
Takahiro Mizuno
Joined Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. (currently Sompo Japan Nipponkoa).
2000 Joined Intelligence Inc. (currently Persol Carrier). Contributed to the company's rapid growth by launching affiliated companies specializing in 20s and venture companies, recruiting headquarters recruitment business, and mid-career recruitment.
Founded Knock-on Co., Ltd. (Selling to Director General Manager of Business Administration, Zenrin Datacom), List of Cookpad Listing Preparation and Human Resources, AOI Pro. (Currently: AOI TYO Holdings) New Business Manager. Engaged in management as a founding member of Unicon Pte.Ltd.
October 2017
Founded Zenkigen. Inc
Co-Founder Suguru Namura
Suguru Namura
Joined CyberAgent, Inc. in 2004 and engaged in launching new services such as Ameba Pigg, AWA and AbemaTV. Joined Mercari, Inc. and was responsible for the development of US version of mercari. Appointed as Executive Officer CTO in April 2017.
It is inevitable to challenge ZENKIGEN's mission to building a harmony between human and AI for technological advancement. I am excited to take on such challenge as an engineer and I hope to contribute to achieving company vision.
Outside Director Soichi Kariyazono
Soichi Kariyazono
In 1996, participated in the establishment of venture capital business of GLOBIS Co., Ltd.
In 1999, he established Apax Globis Partners as a joint venture with Apax Group. To the present. The cumulative total investment is 66.0 billion yen. Main track records include user base, Oisix, Glee, Works Applications, Net Age Group, etc. Before participating in GLOBIS, engaged in management strategy consulting at Sanwa Research Institute.
Since July 2015, he has served as chairman of the Japan Venture Capital Association. Graduated from Keio University Law School and MBA from University of Pittsburgh. His books include "Private Equity for Institutional Investors" (Kinzai), "Entrepreneurial Strategies Learned by Cases" (Nikkei Business Publications), "MBA Business Plan" (Diamond), and "entrepreneurs talked to by venture capitalists" "Proposal" (Tax Study Group).
ZENKIGEN's management team sympathizes with the vision. We thought that this is the social proposition that is currently required, and decided to support investment. In Japan, there is no waiting for the response to labor shortages due to aging and the promotion of digital transformation of companies and industries. ZENKIGEN Inc. contributes to Japan's work style reform and industrial development contribution through joint research with the University of Tokyo on sensitivity and humanity measurement as AI business, in addition to the efficiency of human resource recruitment by SaaS and Hartaka as HR tech business I think I can do my best. In addition to providing funding as a VC, I intend to support business development.
Outside Director Toshimitsu Namba
Toshimitsu Namba
Joined CyberAgent, Inc. in 2003, assigned to advertising agency department. After moving to United States of America in 2007, established CyberAgent America, Inc. and took office as representative the next year. Afterwards, contributed in venture capital investments as Senior Vice President of CyberAgent Capital. In 2013, was inaugrated as a partner of WiL. Currently invests on SaaS business such as HR tech, Legal tech, and Real Estate tech.
After meeting with Nozawa-san during our former job, I have decided to support not only by investing on ZENKIGEN but also by participating as a director.
ZENKIGEN has wonderful teammates who strongly desire to realize a great vision. Furthermore, the fact that there are rational and intelligent supervisors and advisors, wishing to use AI properly for the society, is another attraction. With such members and ZENKIGEN spirit, I'd like to contribute to the society by supporting the growth of their business.
Special Advisor Yuichi Tei
Special Advisor
Yuichi Tei
Graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine in 1989. Obtained a doctorate in medicine in 1997. After working as a hospital resident at the University of Tokyo Hospital, Researcher at Endocrinology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Associate Professor at Harvard University School of Medicine, Assistant Professor at the Center for Disease Biotechnology, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine. Specializes in osteochondral biology, regenerative medicine, and biomaterial engineering. Based on the belief that “medicine is practical,” we hope to help patients by developing something that contributes to the treatment of diseases using engineering methods. Born from a physician. Research and education projects related to medical / engineering / pharmaceutical / physical collaboration are promoted from a leadership position, and are actively engaged in industry-academia collaboration, regulatory compliance, and standardization / standardization. There are also unique results such as custom-made artificial bones using 3D printers.
ZENKIGEN Inc. has been promoting its business with a strong desire to realize a society where people and companies are fully embodied through the realization of a workplace with high psychological safety. By combining the concepts such as ethics, morality, and diversity that I consider, I will do my best to become a service that can be widely implemented in society. In order to create the best goods and services, it is necessary to create a workplace where diverse people from various backgrounds are gathered across fields and borders, placed in the right place and collaboratively created. ZENKIGEN's philosophy of "Contributing to the creation of a society where people and companies can fully realize through technology" represents exactly that, and a system that measures and visualizes the ability of personal friendship that I consider I am convinced that the combination will create a service that can be widely implemented in society.