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ZENKIGEN Corporate Logo Guideline

About Guideline

ZENKIGEN Corporate Logo Guideline (hereinafter “Guideline”) is the basic rules provided by ZENKIGEN regarding the usage of our services’ names, symbol marks, and logotypes (“logos”).

By using our logos, you agree to follow the ZENKIGEN Corporate Logo Guideline.

Logo Guideline

Permission is granted to logo users (“you”) to use our logos only on the following purposes. However, we take no responsibility for damages incurred from the use of logos. Also, in the case where dispute arises between the user and any third party from the use of logos, the user is responsible for resolution of the conflict.

<Purpose of Use>

  1. When introducing our services.
  2. When our business partners have received permission to use for alliance or any other related projects.

We reserve the right to alter or refuse any permission to anyone to use our logos. Also, user must stop or make any changes to the use of logos that are requested by ZENKIGEN in the case of logos used in any manner that violate the rules or may undermine our profits, .

Prohibited Acts

Following uses are prohibited:

  1. Use for any purposes other than those described in the preceding rule without our permission.
  2. Remove, distort or change any element of the logos.
  3. Incorporate our logos into any other product names, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names.
  4. Use in a manner that is defamatory or libelous to our company or our services.
  5. Use in a manner which we find it inappropriate.

Guideline Change

We may modify or change the terms of this guideline without notice to you.
You are responsible for complying with any modified terms, so please review this guideline and also become familiar with any modifications we publish.

Brand Logo

In principle, use the following logos for ZENKIGEN. Please download from the URL below.
Icon can be used only when posting on brand sites and SNS accounts. Also, the icon cannot be used below the minimum size to secure its sufficient readability.

Minimum Size

20px / 4mm
56px / 15mm

Isolation Area

Our brand icon requires an isolation zone in order to secure visibility and independence.
No other elements may be placed closer to a the logo and icon without first meeting the clear space requirements.




Prohibited Acts

Do not alter or modify the files provided. Following uses are prohibited.
Please note that the prohibitions apply to all downloadable files, and not just the data logo shown below.
No effects (such as enlargement, rotation, or decoration) may be applied.

Deforming (Skewing / Italicizing / Rotating)

Spacing between Letters

Changing the font

Changing the line width

Changing the color

Decorating (Drop-Shadowing / Adding Borders / Embossing)

Placing other elements within the isolation zone

Using a background other than white

Using within Text

Company Name

When referring to our company, please write it as “ZENKIGEN, Inc. ” and use gothic fonts.

Last updated: September 12, 2022