Security Policy

Basic Doctrine

ZENKIGEN Inc. has a vision that is 'We contribute to creating a community that people and companies can ZENKIGEN(display all ability)' and offers a service to create better encounter with people and companies through the digital transformation in recruitment system specializing in web interview/video interview named "harutaka", 1on1 improvement support AI named "revii" and other services.

We think it is important to maintain and continue the deep relationship with customers and people seeking employment in order to continue offering safety, confident and good quality products and services for customers.
Information resources that we handle in our business, such as the customer's precious information, are very important as our business foundation.
We recognize the importance of protecting these information resources from the risk of leakage, damage and destruction and all staff from the directors and employees obey this policy, and also are active to maintain information security such as the secret, perfection and availability of information resources.

Basic Policy

We formulate an information security policy to protect information resources and attend to our business according to this policy. In addition, we obey laws, regulations and other standards about information security, and contract facts with customers.
We make a clear standard to analyze and assess the risk of leakage, damage, destruction and so on against information resources, establish a systematic risk assessment system and carry out the risk assessment regularly.
Furthermore, we carry out necessary and appropriate security measures in accordance with the result.
We establish information security structure centering on the directors in charge and make clear the rights and responsibility about information security.
Moreover, all employees recognize the importance of information security and educate, train and inspire regularly to make sure of appropriate handling of information resources.
We inspect and check the state of observance of information security and the handling of information resources regularly and take corrective action promptly about something missing and improvement provisions that are discovered.
We take appropriate steps regarding the occurrence of information security events and incidents and establish the response processes to keep the damage to a minimum in advance just in case. In case of emergency, we respond promptly and take appropriate corrective action.
Furthermore, we establish the framework to manage the incidents about business interruption and promise our business continuation by responding, recovery exam and revision regularly.
We not only establish an information security management system that has the objective to realize the basic doctrine; at the same time we practice, check it continuously, and improve it.

Revised: October 1, 2022

Established: October 1, 2018


Hibiki Nozawa, CEO